Help for SME’s in Defence that want to be noticed.

Posted by Loop | 26th November 2020

After more than a decade delivering high-quality video production for its global client-base, the award-winning team behind South Australian company redbikini has launched an exciting new venture.

redbikini, which specialises in marketing strategy, concept development and scripting for video, established specialist B2B marketing company LOOP in July, purely targeting SMEs.

LOOP creative director, Justin O’Brien, says the idea was born from a want to be with clients every step of the way.

“Over the past 10 years we’ve learned a lot about content, and making good content, but we were rarely involved in its distribution,” Mr O’Brien says.

“In 2019 we made the decision to investigate another arm to our business that got involved in distribution and we undertook a long process looking into other platforms and that led to the development of LOOP.

LOOP is a brand which works for organisations purely in a B2B environment, such as the majority of SMEs in the defence space,” says Mr O’Brien.

“There are big opportunities for SMEs to develop a strong digital presence and get to the front of the pack in defence procurement, but it’s not easy,” he says.

“LOOP was designed to help SMEs achieve this affordably. In fact, we can do it for less than they can do it themselves.”

Mr O’Brien says LOOP offers a “seamless, watertight marketing program, which is based around identifying prospects, targeting them primarily through digital channels and ensuring we generate some sort of lead which gives us the opportunity to continue the relationship with them.”

Being proactive and having a positive digital profile is key.

“LOOP is not about big splashy amounts of marketing, it’s very targeted and it’s an ongoing endeavour,” Mr O’Brien says.

“We offer a step-by-step program that we follow to ensure we find prospects and nurture the relationship with them until they become customers. This way, we constantly keep brands in front of potential leads.”

As major defence projects ramp up in South Australia, Mr O’Brien says now is the time to have a strong marketing strategy in place and he and his team offer more than 10 years’ experience.

Decade-long members of the Defence Teaming Centre, the company has also worked with the Department of Defence, DefenceSA, DPC, Nova Systems, Saab, Broadspectrum and APC Technology, to name just a few.

“A lot of defence SMEs have relied on relationships, networking and referrals in order to gain business, but as major defence projects ramp up in SA, procurement procedures are going to become more digital to accommodate the large number of organisations tendering for work,” Mr O’Brien says.

“More desktop research will be taking place and if your brand is poorly represented in the digital world, people question it immediately”.

“If you haven’t got your brand up to scratch that could have an adverse effect on you”.

“At LOOP we’re far more than getting your brand up to scratch – we’re specifically about getting ahead of the curve, identifying opportunities for your business and getting your brand in front of decision makers long before tenders and projects are released.”