Haighs Cinema Campaign – “My First Haigh’s”




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Someone just threw a piece of chocolate at me. How Dairy.

Here in South Australia, we love Haighs Chocolate. Surprisingly though, Haighs is little known in the Eastern States. Shocking, we know.

To get the confectionary company nation-wide attention, we decided to ambush (get testimonials from) some unsuspecting Sydney-siders for a new advertising campaign.

Filming near the new Haigh’s store in Westfield Bondi Junction, we randomly plucked a handful of lucky people from the streets and brought them into our video production studio.

We decided to champion what Haigh’s Chocolate is famous for… the taste. None of our chocolate loving participants had ever tried Haigh’s before and boy oh boy were they in luck!

We gave them a sample of the creamy confectionary and let their tastes buds do the talking.

The campaign consisted of a cinema advertisement featuring all participants, as well as brand videos of each person giving their full testimonial, for social channels. The campaign resulted in a markable increase in brand awareness in the Eastern States.